Sunday, August 30, 2015

Building a PC

Are you aware of what could defeat the interesting feeling of experiencing a brand new computer? Help to make your individual COMPUTER!

Making your personal pc through scratch is not just exciting to complete but less costly as well. You may get to find the elements you need to utilize on your hard disk. This provides a person your command with balancing the value along with the standard of your current recently built PERSONAL COMPUTER.

Previous to we all demonstrate your steps, allow me to share the necessary areas of this computer you'll want to acquire:

• Brand Chillier

• Motherboard memory

• Graphics Credit card

• Disk drive

• CD or even DVD Author

• Floppy Drive

• Sound Greeting card

• Personal computer Circumstance

• Power supply

• Keep track of

• Keyboard set

• Computer mouse button

Actions in making your personal PC:

The first step

This pc situation consists of motherboard spacers along with anchoring screws. It will help fixed the particular motherboard in the event that. Install the actual spacers into your corners and the correct area slots. It will complement with the openings with your motherboard.

If your motherboard possesses distinct jack agreements from your case’s I/O (input/output) shield, operate the face shield that provide the actual motherboard. Attach the idea from your inside of the case.

Currently, to setup the processor, enhance the lever quietly from the CPU (processor) outlet. This CPU’s pins are created in a way that you are able to fit the PC in the plug only 1 way. Consequently, in case you are doing the work correct, it should simply in shape.

Support the brand straight down and near the lever. Just before putting in your COMPUTER chilly, put cold weather compound on top of the actual top of the PC (on core).

Step two

Support this brand chilly on top of the actual brand. Click down casually. Cut the warmth destroy for the model outlet. Attach this COMPUTER cooler’s admirer capacity to your motherboard’s fan header. It is almost always described “CPU ENTHUSIAST 1”.

Put in the memory component towards prolonged electrical sockets named DIMM’s. Open both tabs in addition to force the actual storage all the way down. The particular video within the slot’s sides need to shut. Meticulously press this motherboard from the I/O protect. Put in and also make tighter the particular motherboard screws. Don't power that.

The particular brown leafy slot nearest on the brand is the AGP slot for the particular video clip credit card. Put this movie cards consistently inside the slot machine offered. Mess the actual greeting card into position. Guarantee that your own AGP video credit card is put effectively.

With the spot with the motherboard, you can view 2 rows of hooks. Connect case results in your pins. These qualified prospects tend to be tagged. Read your motherboard handbook. Discover which usually content label goes to which often pair of hooks.

Step three

Now most of us attach the particular floppy travel, CD/DVD push and also the hard drive. This motherboard usually offers 3 IDE stations, just about every helping only two equipment. In case you deploy 2 IDE products on a single cable connection, you may have the key for being your “master” along with the different for being the “slave”.

Here is the identical process of CD/DVD hard disks. Try to find an HDD as well as COMPACT DISC drive manual for your right jumper adjustments. You must do these prior to prop hard disks in spot.

Hook up harddrives with a station distinctive from your DVD hard disks. Floppy controller carries a outlet quicker than the IDE controllers.

Make certain along side it of the IDE wire that has a red hued stripe traces up using pin1.

And finally, put in the primary ATX electric power cable tv in addition to connect almost all pushes with the power. When you have far more circumstance refridgerators, you may even link these.

Right now, connect your monitor, key pad, mouse and also audio system on the back again of the scenario. Devote the power cable towards power device. Double-check proper installment prior to the first boot.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Imei Changer Apk

setelah beberapa hari kemarin abdi mengatakan artikel bagaimana cara mengembalikan IMEI dgn bantuan aplikasi chamelepon. Sekarang giliran kita membahas cara mengembalikan IMEI menggunakan IMEI Changer. Aplikasi ini tidak jauh berbeda dengan aplikasi chamelepon yg juga dapat menulis IMEI di perangkat android.

hanya saja jika chamelepon baiknya di gunakan utk MTK device atau perangkat android yang mempunyai 2 IMEI. Sedangkan Imei changer hanya diperuntukan bagi perangkat android yang cuma mempunyai satu IMEI.

Persyaratan yg harus anda penuhi jika kepingin mengembalikan IMEI Menggunakan Imei Changer ialah :

- Pastikan perangkat kamu sudah di root

- Aplikasi IMEI changer yg dapat anda unduh disini

-Aplikasi Xposed Installer (optional)

Proses :

Install Aplikasi xposed installer silahkan download Imei Changer Apk di link tersebut

Install Aplikasi imei changer

buka xposed installer pilih moduke dan centang pada imei changer

kemudian kembali ke menu utama & pilih framework & pilih install/update & ikuti perintah yg tertera pada layar perangkat kamu (kalau gak salah setelah proses instalasi Framework selesai akn meminta restart system)

Setelah restart selesai buka aplikasi imei changer dan tuliskan nomor Imei anda yg tertera pada kardus perangkat anda.

setelah selesai tekan tombol ”APPLY” serta restart perangkat anda

Setelah perangkat anda menyala kembali dial *#06# tara IMEI engkau sudah kembali

Nah itulah cara mengembalikan Imei android yg hilang atau null menggunakan bantuan aplikasi imei changer. semoga berhasil.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Cara Login Wifi ID

Banyak Teman abdi meriquest tentang Cara Login Gratis WIFI.ID terupdate setelah mendownload Wifi ID Connect Apk, yaps biasa karena kita masih remaja makanya maunya yang gratis-gratis hehehheheh.Nah agar tdk terlalu lama ayo kita simak langsung caranya.

Cara Login Gratis WIFI.ID 2015 (UPDATE)

Sebelumnya WIFI.ID adalah layanan internet yg berbasiskan Hostspot yang diusung oleh broadband Telkom Group.

Pada artikel kali ini aku akn membahas cara yg terbaru yaitu dengan membuat akun gratis (Berlaku cuma pada yg Redirect ke webpage link :….)

Pertama : Connect kan Laptop anda ke Hostpot WIFI.ID

Kedua : Buka Browser anda seperti Firefox atau Google chrome bila anda blm memiliki dpt download Di Sini . Setelah lw membuka maka akn langsung direct ke halaman /page Wifi id,

Ketiga : Setelah mengklik (yang di printahkan pada step ke dua) Maka anda akan di bawa ke halaman login free , jika sampean sudah mempunyai akun maka langsung masukan Email dan kata sandi sahabat kadekshare. Bila sahabat kadekshare blm memiliki akun Wifi.Id maka Klik pada tulisan ”Klik di sini untuk mendaftar” utk membuat akun Wifi.Id anda. Setelah ini anda akan di bawa pada suatu halaman.

Keempat : Pada halaman ini isi formulir yg sudah di sediakan dgn benar kecuali (Phone boleh ngawur karna gak akn di verifikasi) setelah semua formulir terisi maka klik tombol login , maka sahabat kadekshare akan di bawa ke login page.

Kelima : Pada page ini silahkan masukan email anda serta kata sandi anda ( seperti yang di buat tadi)

Keenam : Jika lw kedirect di halaman lain itu artinya sahabat admin sukses login Free Wifi.Id.


1 Akun ini Cuma berlaku 15 menit setelah login setiap hari… Cara Mengatasinya : lantaran emailnya ngga pake verifikasi,jadi kami dapat bikin akun sebanyak-banyaknya :v (jadi setiap 15 menit ganti akun).

2 Cara mengakali 15 Menit akun yg kedua adalah, ketika kami login pake free akun kalian jangan log out/disconnectkan koneksinya. jadi akun 15 menit dpt sampai 2-3 jam lebih…

Nah sekian artikel Cara Login Gratis WIFI.ID 2015 (UPDATE), more Free Download APK